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Creactive Thinking Hub is a Luxembourg-based organisation that educates, mentors, energizes and connects women-entrepreneurs to be wildly successful, promoting strengthened businesses and thriving communities. We are proud to support more than 100 women entrepreneurs annually.


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Our Beliefs & Values

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Entrepreuneurship can be lonely and isolating. Coming together with others who share similar goals, values and insights is empowering in both concrete and intengible ways.

Through impactful and practical exercises, conversations with community and a live mindshare, you’ll gain confidence in yourself and your business to emerge ready, resilient, and strong.

You can research, plan and educate yourself, but the only true way to improve is to put yourself or your business out there and learn from what you experience. With our community, you can taste, share, evaluate and iterate your product and service. Just Be CreACtive !


There is no limit on what entrepreneurship and ingenuity can create.

– CReActives

If you want to go fast, go alone.

If you want to go far, go together.

– CReActives


Soyez le changement que vous

voulez voir dans le monde 

– Gandhi


L’action est la clé fondamentale de tout succès 

– Pablo Picasso


Le succès, c’est se promener d’échecs en

échecs tout en restant motivé. 

– Winston Churchill

Our Programs & Events

The entrepreneurial community is rallying together to support you and your business. 

Our ongoing Programs are designed to empower entrepreneurs to overcome barriers and challenges that you face in today’s economy.

The Women Leaders Program is designed to equip influential business women with the tools they need to increase their leadership impact and create lasting personal and professional change.



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CreActive Team

The team  promotes transparency and management of private datas in the respect of the GDPR regulations and within the framework of CReActives’ ethical principles.

CReActive’s team provides clear and action-oriented advices in a secure and confidential environment where individuals can freely consult on entrepreneurial issues.

Emilie Kayser

Emilie Kayser

Start-Up Consultant

Cora Maglo

Cora Maglo

Corporate Lawyer

Anne Loubet

Anne Loubet

Treasurer & Accounting Advisor

Cecile Devroye

Cecile Devroye

Media & Public Relation Coordinator

What People are Saying


“Ce groupe est une myriade de filles dynamiques, enthousiastes et persévérantes ! À l’écoute de chaque projet. La diversité des profils et des expériences enrichie les échanges, et cela, toujours dans la bienveillance ! 🥰

Madeleine – Pixeazy

“Un coup de boost

📌 Si tu as besoin de conseils, d’un coup de boost et que tu es bienveillante et que tu aimes partager, ce groupe est fait pour toi 😍

Sarah – Apprentissage de la lecture

“Une sororité”

“Une énergie bien particulière, une sororité bien marquée, forte, enthousiasmante, riche, la liste est longue … à vivre plus qu’à décrire 

Nathalie – Coach Sportif et intellectuel

“Faire bouger les lignes”

“Un groupe d’entrepreneuses extra qui a envie de faire bouger les lignes”

Carine – Emoskills

“Une vraie mine d’or

Ce groupe d’entrepreneures au féminin à Luxembourg est une vraie mine d’or : partage, entraide, bienveillance, critique bienveillante et constructive, … Tout pour nous faire progresser dans nos activités respectives 🤩😍

Sophie  – L’essentiel des huiles 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the forum all about ?

The creatives is an organisation for entrepreneurs where you can network and exchange entrepreuneurial information, share and taste your product and service.

How can we help ?

We provide free consulting services through the entrepreneurial forum, our ongoing support and programms.

What is the Whatsapp group ?

It is confidential whatsapp group for women leading entrepreneurs that want to share entrepreneurial issues on daily basis.

Is it free ?

Yes it is. That does not mean taking with not giving. The more you are willing to give to your peers, the more you are receiving. The commmunity is based on a expertise exchange and win-win sharing. Give your time & expertise, receive expertise counsling for free !

How can you help ?

If you are an entrepreneur and would like to animate a workshop, talk or webinar please email us at : contact CreActives

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Stay in touch about our events, programs & news ! Be CReActive !

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