what is this forum all about ?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: Questionswhat is this forum all about ?
creactives Staff asked 2 months ago

The forum is made by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

An entrepreneur is defined by our community as anyone who is taking the direction, lead and management of any projects. You do not need to launch a scalable business to be considered as an entrepreneur. But your project has to be viable and sustainable and have an economic, social value and impacts for the society.

We answer questions about entrepreneurial issues. If you are launching or scaling your business, if your are you are a freelancer, a coach or a PME and have to face some difficulties far beyond your level of expertise but need to solve them to go further, take a deep breath, everything will be fine: you here at the right place. You can ask questions to the CreActives community, taste and share your ideas and iterate your prodcuts.

stop being overwhelmed by the facts that you can not do all by yourself or that outsourcing will cost too much at this stage : Creatives is the free all in one solutions to all your entrepreneurial issues ! We share expertise against expertise !

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